Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by "Unfinished" wood items?

Unfinished means - Not brought to the final desired state. In our case, this means the item is finished being created, however it does not have a final paint, stain or decoration. The wood is raw and sanded and sent.

What is Polyurethane Clear Satin Finish?

This is the clear satin spray used on exterior wood surfaces as a type of finish, or final desired state. Generally we will make 4 passes with this finish to ensure a great finish.

If I opt for the finished item, can I still paint it?

As polyurethane is a type of finish, you would need to strip your item of this finish in order to paint or stain for a different desired look. So, if you plan to paint or stain your item, we DO NOT recommend opting for this finish.

What is meant by "Uncirculated" coin?

This refers to the condition of the coin, indicating that it has never gone through regular money supply in the economy. In other words, no signs of ware on surfaces.

What is a Burnished Coin?

Burnished coins are an extension of both uncirculated and Proof coins as they are meant primarily as show pieces, not spent. Burnished coins create a different visual effect.

In 2006 the US Mint introduced Burnishing to it's process. These coins are all marked W and been struck at the West Point Mint.